Welcome to Strange Aeons...

Fed up with a dull life of dredgery? Tired of Earth and its miseries? Ever dreamed of seeing the stars?

Then you're in luck, the stars are waiting for YOU. The frontier calls and space awaits. Make 2271 the year that you choose to find out more.

Players, anything written on this wiki will be information that your characters will either already know or will have easy public access to in the world of Cthulhu Rising. Feel free to read up on the setting or just access it when you want to know something specific. If anything doesn't work or just sucks, let me know.

As the plot progresses, members of the wiki will be able to add other information such as plot developments, further details, etc. You don't have to join the wiki to see all this information, but you do to edit it; it's up to you whether you join or not. Oh, and please don't mess with any of the text already there or otherwise dick about, ta.





This is a player resource for my Cthulhu Rising campaign for personal use only. Information included from the Call of Cthulhu and Cthulhu Rising gamebooks is replicated for use by the players omly.

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